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Our Winter Outreach Program

December 2022

We are planning a Winter Outreach for the people living unhoused in the Orangevale and Fair Oaks communities this winter. We will be working with businesses, churches, neighborhoods, and community leaders to find out where our clients are living.

Teams of volunteers will then distribute Winter Survival Supplies. including ready-to-eat meals, rain ponchos, socks, gloves, coats, and more in the months of December and January. Our hope is that through this activity we can establish contacts with our unhoused neighbors and provide them with supplies to survive the cold and wet winter.

We are also working with the Orangevale Fair Oaks Food Bank to collect food that does not need to be cooked to be handed out during these contacts.

You can help by volunteering with our team, donating money via our website, or buying supplies from our Amazon Wish List.

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